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A girl, an idea, and a car named Fat Rhonda.

Hi, I’m Brittney!


First off, thank you for checking out my new business venture. (I’m super excited about it, can you tell?)

My guess is that you’re looking at this about page because, well, you want to know more about Fat Rhonda Apparel, but to tell you about the company, I have to tell you a little about me.


If you don’t know me personally, chances are you don’t know my story, or that I drive a really cool car. How did I get there? How did I end up starting my own company? And better yet, what the hell have I gotten myself into?


Welp, here goes.

From ages 19 to 24, I was in a very bad, toxic relationship. When I finally made the decision to leave and was able to get myself out with the help of close friends and an amazing family, I started the healing process. I got some distance from the abuse, and I started asking, “why”.


For as long as I can remember, I have always been a people pleaser, doing what others wanted and expected of me. Doing the right, “sensible” thing. Good girls always put others first and do what they’re told….right? Since putting the past behind me and gaining valuable perspective, I’ve come to realize that there is a balance between making others happy without having to sacrifice your own happiness. So, I started doing more things for myself, living for myself, finding my happiness again. 


Oh yeah, and I bought a badass car. 


This was something that I had done solely for me, with my own money, without needing anyone’s approval. It was something that helped me see for myself that I could do this, that I wouldn’t let my past hold me back from my future. The confidence boost that came with all of this was really just an added bonus. Everything that has happened since has also changed my life-from buying my own house, to becoming a member of a car community that is filled with amazing people from all walks of life, and now starting this company with the hopes of helping others.


It’s silly to say that a car, a material object, could change someone's life, but considering I’ve made a whole brand around it, I’d say it’s definitely had an impact on mine. The hope is that it can also impact some others.


So how did naming a car turn into a business decision? 

The idea of branding Fat Rhonda started out as a silly comment from a friend. The idea to build a brand behind that name, one that could have a much more meaningful impact, came shortly thereafter. 


I had an amazing support system that helped me to get out of my situation, so I want to help others who may not have that same support. I created Fat Rhonda Apparel with the hope that I could give back. That’s why Fat Rhonda Apparel has committed to donating a minimum of 10% of the profits to help other victims of domestic violence

Hope's Door New Beginning Center is a local non-profit organization dedicated to building lives without violence. They help individuals and families escape and heal from domestic abuse, dating abuse and family violence. Last year alone they helped over 2400 individuals and answered over 5000 crisis line calls. Community educators enhance the community’s capacity to recognize and respond to abuse through free educational programming to schools and organizations. Certified BIPP facilitators help individuals who have exhibited controlling or abusive behaviors in the past achieve healthy and non-violent conflict resolution skills. You can read more about the organization and all their services here.

The idea of Fat Rhonda Apparel may have started out as a joke, but has turned into so much more. 

So, once again, thank you for stopping by, purchasing, or just spreading the word. Hope to see you soon!



Helpful Resources

National Domestic Violence Hotline        |        Safe Horizon       |         The Family Place        |        Hopes Door New Beginning Center

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